Handy Has Become Popular In Different Parts Of The World

Although Handy has become extremely popular in the USA and is in dozens of cities, they also have availability in Canada as well as in London, which is not something that any other cleaning company can say. The cleaning venture opened years ago and has soared to the height of popularity by becoming the number one go-to online home cleaning service with other services available. When many people think about Handy, they always think about their cleaning services, even though they have a lot more to offer.

The cleaning services are so popular that they make up over 80% of the revenue that the company brings in, and the company is seeing seven figures or more in income every week. Handy has now become the Uber of the cleaning world because they are available in different countries online, and their services are very desirable and reasonably priced as well. The way that Handy works is to hire independent contractors to work underneath the name Handy, which means every worker is in charge of their own income and can easily determine how much they make on a weekly basis. Those that choose to work five days a week can easily make up to $500 or more weekly.

Although cleaning seems like an easy job, Handy isn’t quick to hire just anybody to do their services. Since the cleaning services from Handy is the most important and their main source of revenue, they want only the best people that can do the job. The job is meant for those who have had experience in cleaning before, whether they have worked for a company or have other experience that makes them qualified. Professionalism is what Handy values, and those that can prove that they can work well for Handy will go a long way with the company.

Handy is available online, which as explained on sohostrut.com means that those who want the services that they offer must sign up for an account online and must also make payment online as well as completing their service request online. Many find it a lot more convenient to get the services they need online because it means they can do it anywhere, even if they are away from home. Along with the cleaning services that Handy offers, they are also proud to offer painting services, plumbing, moving services, assembly services and more, and each service is available on the Handy website.

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Negative Press, Be Gone

My clients are control freaks. I don’t mean this in a bad way but they are. They love to be in control of their presence both online and offline. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand why they feel this way and I would almost rather they care too much than to not care at all but worrying about their online brand day and night isn’t really going to fix anything. Worrying as my grandmother often says doesn’t change anything but your blood pressure and I often encourage my clients not to worry, that’s my job and I think I do it well.

Recently there has been a surge of online brand reputation companies that have come to the forefront. It’s almost as if these sites have been created to eliminate the need for public relation specialist who are out there who work twice as hard as these brand reputation sites do.

One newcomer to the brand reputation management is Bury Bad Articles. Just like it’s name says it’s job is to bury all the bad articles out here about your brand. Don’t get me wrong Burying is not the same as removing. So if you’re looking to have things removed from Google results it’s probably not going to happen unless you’re a hacker or you have a family member who is doing some illegal work behind the scenes at google. This product simply pushes your search results further down the page. A recipe for success if your company constantly deals with negativity.