James Dondero Of Highland Capital Management Announces A Generous Donation And Joins The Bush Center Advisory Council

To support Bush Center’s public programs, Highland Capital Management announced endorsing his Presidential Center with $10 million. This means that the Highland will be the primary contributor to his campaign. The CEO of the Bush Central Kenneth Hers and the Highland President and co-founder announced the beginning of January 2018. The endowment gift is said to be the most substantial one so far. The group has been supporting the Bush Center ever since its founding and proceeded to support its work through million-worth donations. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.


Highland Capital management was an early supporter of the Bush Center and helped the organization’s growth and development substantially. Hersh expressed his gratitude to Jim Dondero in his announcement, praising his commitment and expressing the excitement for further development of the program in Dallas.


Before this donation, Highland Capital had made an overall contribution of $5 million to the Center. It is ranking among the most significant Founding Benefactors to have supported the cause, enabling the developing of the facilities within Bush Center that have opened in 2013. Dondero expressed his satisfaction with the impact that the organization had on the community and supports the long-term vision the Center is working towards achieving.


The generous endorsement will serve to support numerous events that the Center holds every year. One of them is the “Highland Capital Lecture”, which is owned annually. To further express his commitment, Dondero will join the Executive Advisory Council led by Hersh. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.com.


So far, the Center has been offering the series of events called “Engage series”, that has been attracting the attention of both population and media. The event has been growing in popularity since its premiere in 2015. Many newsmakers and leaders have been involved with the program. Such as Lorne Michaels, Michael Hayden, Bill Browder, and Mark McKinnon.


The Center has been organizing multiple programs since its founding, one of them being the exhibit in the Bush Center museum. The show includes President Bush’s artwork themed around veterans of the post 9/11 period.


The generous endorsement made by Highland will serve a great purpose in supporting the Center’s work. It is the most generous endowment gift so far made by the group, who has displayed genuine loyalty towards the Bush Center public programs and its cause.

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