Guilherme Paulus Businessman Transcendent

In 1972 co-founders of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari began a journey that would eventually lead to many accomplishments. Carlos would choose to walk away, a short 2 years later and leave operations to be run by his business partner Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus will eventually grow CVS Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A to the year 2009 when a deal would be struck between CVS and the Carlyle Group. 63.6% of the company would be sold for $420 million, and by 2018 there would be plans take the company public. During this journey, he would become known as one of the most influential and successful businessmen in Brazil.

Graduating with a degree in business, Guilherme Paulus has been in the tourism industry for more than 35 years. Benefiting greatly from his aggressive business style, Mr. Paulus Is credited single-handedly for improving the standard of living to many citizens of Brazil. By having a profoundly positive effect by way of his philanthropy or his employment opportunities, he was nominated entrepreneurial of the year by Money magazine in 2017. In 2005, he cleverly positioned himself to make a large investment in the establishment of what become known as GJP hotels and resorts are also known as the GJP Group. By the year 2014, the World Cup in the Summer Olympics would follow a short 2 years later in 2016. This clever positioning right in time for these two major events helps exploded GJP to be one of the largest hotel chains, today responsible for over 15 hotels and resorts throughout the country of Brazil. Today still considered one of the most prominent businessmen, Guilherme Paulus continues to share is prosperity through many donations and setting an example for the next generation of businessmen on how to be successful and ethical.

Tips from Neurocore on how to Handle Depression

Depression is one of the major mental illnesses, not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. It affects anyone at any age but often in adulthood. Depression is a severe medical condition that is treatable; however most depressions victims do not seek help and continue struggling with the condition. Read more about Neurocore at

What you did not know about Depression

  1. There are different types of depression disorders

The types of depressive disorders include- Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Their characteristics and symptoms vary depending on the environment one is in or factors involved. The symptoms differ from one person to another and signs may not show at all.

A person may be struggling with it internally but on the outside looks normal. General signs include- too little or too much sleep, loss of appetite that leads to weight loss, mood signs with persistent sadness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and loss of interest.

  1. Depression doesn’t affect the brain only but also the body.

Depression affects not only your brain but also your body. A depressed person can have physical symptoms like stomach problems, headaches, breathing difficulties and body fatigue.

  1. There are factors triggering depression

Many factors can lead to depression of which we cannot single out a major factor. It can be a genetic factor passed through the family line or life incident. Some of these events maybe unemployment, loss of a loved one, financial problems, abuse, low self-esteem, regrets or a divorce.

  1. It is one of the causes for suicide in young people

Depressed people sometimes express suicidal thoughts; they feel death is the only way they can save themselves. Depression is curable through medication and therapy or both. However, if someone expresses suicidal thoughts or shows signs of depression, it is best you take it seriously or refer them to neurocore services.


About Neurocore Brain Performance Center

Neurocore was founded in 2004 and currently has 9 centers in Florida and Michigan. Neurocore Brain performance centers use the latest science-based approach in brain mapping and neuroimaging in their programs to help children and adults address concentration, sleep and more.

They have worked with patients with ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep, ASD, memory loss, stress and migraines through memory boot camps or brain-based assessments. It specializes in Biofeedback Training, Heart Rate Variability Training, Autonomic Nervous System Diagnostics and Regulation, Attention Testing and neurofeedback. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Can freedom checks help you with retirement?

Can freedom checks help you with retirement?

Can they really help with my retirement?

Matt Badiali has championed freedom funds because of what they can do for people who wish to make money. Freedom funds are not getting rich quick schemes. They are a 100% legitimate type of investment.

As with all types of Investments how much you get back is going to depend on how much you invested and how much your investment compounded over time. If you only end up investing a little bit of money although you will get a consistent return back it may not be enough for people to retire on. However, if you were to invest a respectable amount in freedom funds, it could really provide investors with an ability to make more money back a month then what 401K is traditionally provided. Watch this video at Youtube.

What are Freedom checks?

Freedom checks or a type of investment that anybody can make. They are Similar to stocks and bonds. However, they allow investors to have big returns with minimal downside. The reason for these big returns is because Congress was able to pass a law providing tax breaks. These tax breaks prevent people from all walks of life from losing the money that they make through Freedom checks.

You can get in on freedom text for as little as $10 as in more. Although this may sound a little too good to be true it’s not. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

So are freedom funds a good choice for you to make?

Based off of how freedom funds have been performing in the marketplace they are looking like a good option free to invest in. The fact that Congress has passed laws to protect your gains from taxation and there is minimal risk in investing in them crates and opportunity to improve your financial situation.

As with anything, it’s important to do your due diligence into research freedom funds for yourself. However, with 401ks not providing the level of money that most retirees have hoped for, finding an empowering alternative to provide financial security is important.


Benefit of the GoBuyside

GoBuyside company the reason as to why the GoBusyside is more popular due to their action of training some of the executive employees to become the best managers in some of the company that they deal up with their professionals. Before this plan came out, it was challenging for any company or firm to get an excellent professional manager who would enable them to achieve some of the aims that they had in their institution. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

GoBuyside for this reason, the GoBusyside decided to come up with this idea on how it could recruit some of these firms to be able to establish themselves when it comes to their management career. One of the main thing that they set out to perform is that they decided to specialise on the issue of the short-term recruitment of the employees.

GoBuyside It was one the most impressive decision that they made because some of these firms that included the banking institution and other financial institution that believed in this company were helped to seek some of the difficulties that they went through. One of the solutions that they found is the cost that they used to spend in employing long-term employees comparing to the services that they used to deliver. Read more about GoBuyside at

When the company started doing this activity, there was a significant rise in some firms that they used to work hand in hand with up to about 500 firms that they were able to recruit their managers. For now, it said that the company has prepared to grow in more than 52 cities that they have their branches set. In the recent report, it believed that one of the main achievement that has happened is that in more than 16 countries there is the office that belongs to the GoBusyside.

GoBuyside firm is of more benefit to some of the people who had talents in the field of management but did not find any venue where they could go and exercise their skills. Since the foundation of the firm, it has natured this skills and helped them to proceed to an extra mile in their careers.


Matt Badiali Informs Investors Of Freedom Checks

More and more people these days are finding their way into investing and stocks, though that doesn’t mean everyone is finding success or working to benefit their own future. According to Matt Badiali, there are various things that many investors are unaware of, such as freedom checks. These are various commodities that are combined and have a great potential for growth in the future. Not only that, but freedom checks do not require virtually any amount of risk. With more information coming out about these tools, like freedom checks, more investors are being attracted and finding their way into the investment game for commodities. Read this article at

Matt Badiali runs his own website that provides information through videos that inform viewers about various different information that can be useful to their careers or retirements, this includes the freedom checks. It is Matt’s hope that the community of investors out there will eventually find their way on board and make use of the many benefits available to make more money. According to Matt Badiali, like most other strategies and investment ideas, this is not a scheme to get rich in a single night. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

Matt is providing a source of information that is solid and reliable for viewers, which is hard to find these days. When it comes to alternative investments, many times they are gimmicks or the “expert” in question is just as unaware of the opportunities that are available as the person looking for advice. At Matt Badiali’s company, all kinds of knowledge and experience and be gained through their services, bringing to light many different possibilities people didn’t know that had when it comes to investing.

Matt Badiali is offering people different solutions to their investment problems that are not only beneficial in the short-term but long-term as well. Through Matt’s solutions, people can invest for their futures while also eliminating more taxes and gaining more opportunities for financial gain. Matt Badial’s website is filled with all sorts of information and recourses for investors to use to improve their financial and investment game.


Paul Mampilly and The Extreme Fortunes Article He Wrote About Bitcoin’s Hidden Burst

It would not be a stretch to go as far as to say that Paul Mampilly is one of the most influential finance specialists and consults that have already gathered a following of thousands of followers. He is right now the writer and contributor for Banyal Hill’s high-end newsletter Extreme Fortunes, and it is in there that he talks about his latest discoveries, analysis and critical perspectives on the assets and opportunities that to others may be so profitable, but to Paul might be a whole load of a hoax. One of the topics recently discussed in his Extreme Fortunes column is the all-sensational and controversial trading topic, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

The Bitcoin Speculation

We very clearly know that Bitcoin is one of the most hyped trading systems that offers a lot of potential pay-offs that would not guarantee any strong stability. It is a volatile asset that to Paul Mampilly requires a lot of speculation and should not be taken in full appraisal, but should just be given protection against potential asset ruin.

In a recap from Stock Gumshoe, we learned that while Bitcoin is most sensational right now, what is likely to happen is that it’s going to be a bubble about to burst. Paul has a better suggestion: reconsider Bitcoin and consider instead the 2,325% asset growth that one could get from a windfall of a bitcoin alternative that no one right now is closely watching.

Rising Coin Price Speculation

It also strikes many people that most people do not see bitcoin as what Paul Mampilly sees it is. Moreoever, there’s no way out concerning protecting the assets one puts in Bitcoin unless you only put in a small amount. However, if one goes for a different cryptocurrency that for Paul’s calculation is better because it consists of getting big companies worldwide to accept bitcoin in exchange for goods, then the story is different. We might be able to understand the world of cryptocurrency in the ways that Paul Mampilly has made us understand, which is through simple trade of goods we want. The good thing about the stuff already online is that we can buy them in ways that don’t need to involve the banks, and this is the reason why Paul Mampilly’s new suggestion of a new cryptocurrency is even becoming more exciting. With the number of readers that he has in his newsletter, he probably already has driven his point. Follow Paul on Facebook.

What’s Next For Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco Bank?

Last year the resignation of Bradesco Bank’s chairman of the board of directors, Lazaro Brandao signaled a great transition of company leadership. To fill this vacancy, company president Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be leaving his position to become the new chairman. He would have been required to leave by the end of next year anyway. Company policy stipulates that its CEOs can’t be over the age of 65. Under these guidelines he would have already had to leave, but in 2016 the board voted to give him to extra years for two reasons: 1) He was still in the process of brokering a monumental integration with HSBC and 2) the man in line to be his successor, Marco Antonio Rossi, was killed that year in a plane crash.


So filling his newly vacated position at the end of last year was under consideration for several months. On March 13 of this year, the Ordinary General Assembly of Bradesco Bank convened to select the successor of its current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Under consideration were the organizations seven vice presidents. Many had predicted that vice president Ma Minas would receive the nod. In the end, vice president Octavio de Lazari was chosen for the spot.

Trabuco first entered the employee of Bradesco April 17, 1969. He was made Department Director in 1984, serving in this capacity until 1992. In 1994 he became the president of the National Association for Private Pensions Plans. In 1999 he was made one of the organization’s vice presidents. In 2000 he ceased being president of the ANAPP. In 2003, he was made the president of the Bradesco Seguros Group. Trabuco first became Bradesco’s CEO and Executive Vice President in 2009. It was also during this year that he became Non-Executive Director of Banco Espirito, a role which he held until May 2010.

During his younger years, Trabuco graduated from USP’s School of Sociology and Politics.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384


Barbara Stokes is a leader in the disaster relief construction industry. She is a mother and is also a woman of goodwill in the Huntsville community. She undertook bachelors of science degree in biomedical engineering and physics from the University of Mercer. She also studied thermodynamics, manufacturing, and technical communication before she joined green structure Inc. of Alabama. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The green structures homes were founded in 2008. It is a disaster relief construction contractor that is located in Alabama, USA and It offers a large variety of solutions, to both private sector companies and also the government. The solutions include designs, engineering, and manufacturing. It is headed by Barbara stokes as its CEO.

Thanks to her, the company will benefit significantly from her vast knowledge of manufacturing. Green structures homes Inc. uses novel technology to make steel that acts as suitable fire resistant. They aim to start designing four-storied housed to also be used as hotels. With the capable labor force, the company can construct homes in a short time. The company is about to build hurricane-resistant homes in Cullman.

The exterior of the homes is that of executive homes while the interior is made to suit the customer’s preference. They can be designed as one, two or more bedroom units, and the kitchen and bathroom can be made or marble, to suit the clients preference. They are made of steel roofs which radiate rays from the sun and produced insulation of about R-19, which can be used in the household.


Once the homes are delivered where they are needed, they are erected with no time. This a service provided by the state of the art technology, which also offers greater project budget accuracy and the required amount of workforce.

The green structure homes got an award from the federal emergency management industry, offering it $28.5 million contracts which will help it in proving jobs. The job creation will take place in more than 5 States in the US. The jobs will deal with creating manufactured home, which will provide homes to displaced Americans who lost their homes due to hurricane Harvey that occurred in 2017. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Whitney Wolfe, Bumble And The #Metoo Movement

One thing that has become a huge topic in this world is the #metoo movement. This type of movement has encouraged women to come out and share their stories of sexual harassment and abuse.

Whitney Wolfe herself is no stranger to the sexual harassment and abuse that often happens in the workplace as well as other environment. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons that she has set up Bumble. Bumble has become the one place for women to meet with one another. While they can find dates, they can also network with one another so that they can share with one another their experiences.

Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram.

One of the reasons that Bumble is good for the #metoo movement is that it provides women with a platform so that they can be empowered. Women now have a place to go where they can network with one another and make friends without having to deal with all of the issues that come with some of the nuisances. For instance, they can actually find businesses and opportunities for work without having to deal with all of the harassment and disturbances that women typically have to deal with in the workplace.

Bumble BFF provides women with a platform where they can actually share experiences of sexual harassment. This can not only help them gain the courage to speak out, but also help them hold some of the people in power accountable. While this can be one of the scarier times for women now that they are finally gaining the courage to speak out, Bumble is there to offer not only a platform for women, but also support for them so that they do not have to worry about any of the repercussions if they are going to speak out against someone who has treated them wrong.


James Dondero Of Highland Capital Management Announces A Generous Donation And Joins The Bush Center Advisory Council

To support Bush Center’s public programs, Highland Capital Management announced endorsing his Presidential Center with $10 million. This means that the Highland will be the primary contributor to his campaign. The CEO of the Bush Central Kenneth Hers and the Highland President and co-founder announced the beginning of January 2018. The endowment gift is said to be the most substantial one so far. The group has been supporting the Bush Center ever since its founding and proceeded to support its work through million-worth donations. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.


Highland Capital management was an early supporter of the Bush Center and helped the organization’s growth and development substantially. Hersh expressed his gratitude to Jim Dondero in his announcement, praising his commitment and expressing the excitement for further development of the program in Dallas.


Before this donation, Highland Capital had made an overall contribution of $5 million to the Center. It is ranking among the most significant Founding Benefactors to have supported the cause, enabling the developing of the facilities within Bush Center that have opened in 2013. Dondero expressed his satisfaction with the impact that the organization had on the community and supports the long-term vision the Center is working towards achieving.


The generous endorsement will serve to support numerous events that the Center holds every year. One of them is the “Highland Capital Lecture”, which is owned annually. To further express his commitment, Dondero will join the Executive Advisory Council led by Hersh. Learn more about Highland Capital at


So far, the Center has been offering the series of events called “Engage series”, that has been attracting the attention of both population and media. The event has been growing in popularity since its premiere in 2015. Many newsmakers and leaders have been involved with the program. Such as Lorne Michaels, Michael Hayden, Bill Browder, and Mark McKinnon.


The Center has been organizing multiple programs since its founding, one of them being the exhibit in the Bush Center museum. The show includes President Bush’s artwork themed around veterans of the post 9/11 period.


The generous endorsement made by Highland will serve a great purpose in supporting the Center’s work. It is the most generous endowment gift so far made by the group, who has displayed genuine loyalty towards the Bush Center public programs and its cause.