Optimizing Has Never Been So Easy – Meet Sentient Aware by Sentient AI

Sentient AI is one of the strongest and smartest AI in the market for online shops and e-commerce. It uses artificial intelligence to understand what the visitor of the website is looking for based on his past searches and purchases, and increases the likelihood that they are going to click in one of the other products being recommended.

One of the most essential tools for any e-commerce, you cannot make an online store without a strong recommendation engine. Otherwise, every recommendation in your website will appear randomly: The visitor will be searching for cellphones, for example, but when he buys a cell phone, the system will recommend another type of device.

The Sentient AI has earned the reputation of being one of the best developers of e-commerce recommendation engines. One of their most famous software is the Sentient Aware, which already won awards for its simple-to-use and simple-to-customize system. You can set your Sentient Aware to start working in a few hours of tinkering and adapting the software to your liking, and the artificial intelligence will work by itself.

With the words of the developers of the software themselves, Aware uses the AI’s platform to make relations between the products being researched and bought and how similar they are to all the other products in the store. How? There are dozens of ways to optimize the functionality of Sentient Aware, by inserting keywords to each product, or by putting them in the same category, or, even, you can program it to use the experience of past visitors of the website and register what they clicked after putting an item in the shopping cart.

“Don’t optimize for the devices, instead optimize for the user experience.”

One of the top characteristics of the Sentient Aware and one of the biggest benefits of using it, is that it was designed to fit mobile devices as well as it can work for desktops. Software developers usually develop their products and then adapt them to be used in mobile devices after it was created, so it ends up having a sloppy design or problems in functionality. Sentient AI’s top product does not present any problematic behavior in the mobile system.

Another difference from other search engine recommendation engines is that it uses images instead of words in the recommendation phase, making it more aesthetically pleasing and can fit any website layout without much of rearranging.

By analyzing the unique behavior of each of the clients and consumers of your website, much like YouTube has different video recommendations for each user of their site, the user-experience is optimize based on what your visitors want to see, when they want to see, in the best design possible. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.