Norka Luque’s International Recognition is Imminent in the Music Industry

The 2016 Music awards show was another blockbuster. Performances by Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Drake made the award ceremony another star-filled event that had everyone talking the next day. Making the big time in the music industry isn’t easy. There are a lot of ingredients in a successful career in music. The truth is, most artists don’t have the staying power of a Gloria Estefan or an Aretha Franklin. A career in music is measured in months not years. Very few artists are around five years after they record their first hit record. But every now and then, an artist comes along a breaks the mold and becomes a legend. One of the new artists that is legend bound is Venezuelan-born Norka Luque.

When the word “new” is put in front of the name of an artist, it doesn’t mean they just started singing or performing. Norka Luque has been performing for more than 20 years. She performed in her first musical when she was still living in Venezuela at the age of eight. Norka’s parents recognized her talent. They moved to the United States and settled in Florida, so Norka could develop her singing and performing skills. She wanted to be a star like her idol, Shakira. When it was time for college, Norka moved to France and studied business and the culinary arts. She got a job as the lead singer in a group called Bad Moon Rising. The group played in the small French dance clubs, and the group created a loyal following. It was Norka’s voice that attracted the attention of the young French dancers.

In 2007, Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert. She had an epiphany during that event. She realized she had to move back to Florida and sing full time. She earned a business degree and a degree in fashion, but her heart was always in music. Norka got a job in Miami when she returned to the United States, and that’s when her career really got started.

Norka’s voice attracted a lot of attention. Her range attracted so much attention that the Grammy award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan wanted to hear her sing. It only took one audition for Estefan to offer Norka a recording contract. Her first single dropped in 2011, and it was a hit on the Latin Billboard Charts. Her second single was another hit, and it crossover into the mainstream music scene. Norka’s latest single dropped in 2016, and the reviews and response have been great. Norka Luque is one of those artists that will be around for a very long time.