José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe, On Content Creation And Inbound Marketing

José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, discusses what it means to excel at inbound marketing verus content marketing. The strategy of inbound marketing is to deliver content which will solve an existing problem or in some way meet your clients’ need. Content Marketing on Facebook, on the other hand, is the actual production of such relevant content. As such, the two work together at both building a brand and a following.

It has often been said that, ‘advertising the soul of business’, but this is being replaced with a new adage: ‘content is the soul of business’. More and more companies are becoming adept at both producing content and at leveraging it via inbound marketing. According to Borghi, it is important to offer useful resources to your customers that will establish you as a trusted brand and that also will establish you as an authority in your given field. The end goal is that the consumer will make a purchase from the company.

The downside to the current rush to produce content and inbound marketing strategies, according to Borghi, is that many companies will not devote sufficient resources to the endeavor. He says that it is not enough to produce interesting or, even helpful, material, but that the strategy must go further still. A company must not produce novelties that will quickly attract consumers to their brand but that go no deeper. They must do additional research.

Boghi says that it is necessary for firms to dig in and to find out who their buyers are, what makes them tick, and what their goals look like. They need to develop a plan, use SEO, and offer something truly useful. Companies need to consider to whom it is they are writing and not simply offer customer testimonials at the outset according to Jose Borghi. The reference materials they offer need to help the customer in doing research for what he or she is planning to buy. Moreover, he says that it is necessary to have an online presence and to interact with buyers via social media. He adds that patience and preparation are key.

Mullen Lowe is an ad agency specializing in both communication and in advertising. They have valuable experience and have had success with the processes mentioned in this article. The Brazilian advertising firm assists other companies with the creation of digital customer experiences which will enhance their reputation among buyers. They employ over 600 employees and operate in a total of 15 offices.