Negative Press, Be Gone

My clients are control freaks. I don’t mean this in a bad way but they are. They love to be in control of their presence both online and offline. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand why they feel this way and I would almost rather they care too much than to not care at all but worrying about their online brand day and night isn’t really going to fix anything. Worrying as my grandmother often says doesn’t change anything but your blood pressure and I often encourage my clients not to worry, that’s my job and I think I do it well.

Recently there has been a surge of online brand reputation companies that have come to the forefront. It’s almost as if these sites have been created to eliminate the need for public relation specialist who are out there who work twice as hard as these brand reputation sites do.

One newcomer to the brand reputation management is Bury Bad Articles. Just like it’s name says it’s job is to bury all the bad articles out here about your brand. Don’t get me wrong Burying is not the same as removing. So if you’re looking to have things removed from Google results it’s probably not going to happen unless you’re a hacker or you have a family member who is doing some illegal work behind the scenes at google. This product simply pushes your search results further down the page. A recipe for success if your company constantly deals with negativity.