Keeping Your resolution with Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a great company that sells amazing coffee worldwide. The company represents a demographic of people who wish to help others in the world by assisting them with drastic life changes. The changes that occur often happen at the fitness and health level. By changing your health you can change your entire outlook on the world. Many people with entrepreneurial backgrounds have chosen to work with Organo Gold because the company offers so many great opportunities for investors and partners. You have the opportunity to take control of your financial future by becoming a partner in the company. How? You may ask. The answer is by signing up to become a product distributor. When you become a product distributor you are helping others gain access to a product that can offer them many great health benefits. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The greatest health benefit offered by Organo Gold is the antioxidant effects the coffee and tea has. It has the power to boost your immunity and supplement your weight loss plan. The drinks are infused with a rare mushroom called ganoderma lucidem. This super rare and powerful fungus has been featured in Chinese legends for more than 2,000 years. The effects are said to come straight from the gods themselves. The ganoderma lucidum mushroom has been known to have extreme antioxidant abilities. It is packed with the vitamins that the human body needs to fight off diseases and cleanse the system. It will give you a boost of energy when you drink it and activate your natural digestive properties by enticing your metabolism. The surge of energy comes from the metabolic antioxidants which are activated. They supplement your bodies built-in antioxidants and clean out your intestines of any blockages, obstructions, or toxins. Once the toxins are cleared, you will notice your skin getting clearer, your thoughts flowing smoother, and your days starting better. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold offers premium black coffee, hot cocoa, green tea, red tea, and energy supplements. All of the products are infused with the rare ganoderma lucidum. Many people enjoy a strong cup of the lion coffee (premium black coffee) in the morning to kick start their day but there are also mocha and latte options for those who enjoy a smoother taste. The best way to keep your resolution is to try out Organo Gold and see what everyone has been talking about. Check the website for information on finding the perfect choice for you!


How Mighty Fortress Church is Helping People to Live a Good Life

Several years ago, Bishop Williams decided to start an institution known as the Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. The multifaceted ministry has been on the market since then, and it has assisted many people in the community. The institution has several outreach ministries and support groups that have changed the lives of many people. MFI has become very popular in the recent times because of its preaching, authentic worship services and teachings. All of the numerous activities taking place in the facility have integrated different ages, ethnicities and numerous social backgrounds. Bishop Williams has played a leading role in the success of the organization. The bishop highly values the world of God, church, family, and community. William is respected because of his messages of reconciliation that have brought changes in the community. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Life has become very complicated in the recent times. The modern generation is looking for answers to difficult activities taking place in the world. For the people who need to know Christ and understand Christianity, the Mighty Fortress is the place to visit. People who want to understand what is happening around them have gone to this facility and received the assistance they were looking for. There is also a considerable number of people who have managed to deepen their knowledge and at the same time improved the relationship they have with their maker because of the facility.

Maintaining healthy and peaceful relationship has been a challenge in the modern times. The Mighty Fortress, under the leadership of Bishop William, has helped people from all areas of the world to form relationships that are meaningful and real. The organization has achieved so much in the community because of the practical bible teaching and worship. The teachings of the organization are made to assist people in the modern day living. The facility has done so well because it is susceptible to the needs of the customers, and it only wants to create a comfortable and amicable atmosphere.


If you are fortunate to visit the Mighty Fortress Church, you will realize that the atmosphere is quite different when compared to other churches. Bishop William has ensured that the people coming to the facility have the most comfortable facilities so that they can sit and listen to the word of God. Bishop William has been serving God for many years, and he understands the challenges facing people who are living in the modern times. His teachings have transformed many. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Optimizing Has Never Been So Easy – Meet Sentient Aware by Sentient AI

Sentient AI is one of the strongest and smartest AI in the market for online shops and e-commerce. It uses artificial intelligence to understand what the visitor of the website is looking for based on his past searches and purchases, and increases the likelihood that they are going to click in one of the other products being recommended.

One of the most essential tools for any e-commerce, you cannot make an online store without a strong recommendation engine. Otherwise, every recommendation in your website will appear randomly: The visitor will be searching for cellphones, for example, but when he buys a cell phone, the system will recommend another type of device.

The Sentient AI has earned the reputation of being one of the best developers of e-commerce recommendation engines. One of their most famous software is the Sentient Aware, which already won awards for its simple-to-use and simple-to-customize system. You can set your Sentient Aware to start working in a few hours of tinkering and adapting the software to your liking, and the artificial intelligence will work by itself.

With the words of the developers of the software themselves, Aware uses the AI’s platform to make relations between the products being researched and bought and how similar they are to all the other products in the store. How? There are dozens of ways to optimize the functionality of Sentient Aware, by inserting keywords to each product, or by putting them in the same category, or, even, you can program it to use the experience of past visitors of the website and register what they clicked after putting an item in the shopping cart.

“Don’t optimize for the devices, instead optimize for the user experience.”

One of the top characteristics of the Sentient Aware and one of the biggest benefits of using it, is that it was designed to fit mobile devices as well as it can work for desktops. Software developers usually develop their products and then adapt them to be used in mobile devices after it was created, so it ends up having a sloppy design or problems in functionality. Sentient AI’s top product does not present any problematic behavior in the mobile system.

Another difference from other search engine recommendation engines is that it uses images instead of words in the recommendation phase, making it more aesthetically pleasing and can fit any website layout without much of rearranging.

By analyzing the unique behavior of each of the clients and consumers of your website, much like YouTube has different video recommendations for each user of their site, the user-experience is optimize based on what your visitors want to see, when they want to see, in the best design possible. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

OSI Group Leading The Way In The Food Processing Industry

With over twenty thousand employees and hundred years of experience in meat processing, OSI Group remains at the top in its industry. The company was started in Chicago in 1909 as a butcher shop but grew into a leading global meat premier distributor.

OSI Group supplies beef, poultry products, pizza and other products to major companies around the world. In the United States, the company operates under OSI Industries with plants in Illinois, Geneva, Chicago, Utah and West Jordan.

One of the strategic movements at OSI Group include acquisitions of various plants in the industry. Its latest acquisition is the Flagship Europe that the company announced early last year. The Flagship Food Group accepted the company’s offer and granted them permission to venture into Europe and its markets. Russel Maddock the chief executive at Flagship Europe was delighted to announce their excitement and saw it as a huge opportunity for both companies to increase their target markets and revenue. The two companies are meant to share their equipment and resources that are projected to help them better serve their clients.

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Another major acquisition the firm made was the giant Baho Food. The privately held Dutch company has a great reputation in Netherlands and German. The acquisition gave OI Group a chance to plant their presence in the regions. The chief operating officer at OSI Group announced that the move would give OSI an opportunity to venture into greater markets.

In all the years the OSI Group has been in operation, so many things have changed. Nonetheless, the one thing that has remained constant in all the years, is the company’s determination and commitment to offer their clients high quality and superior products. This has been the main reason why the company has remained one of the best meat processing companies in the world.

Norka Luque’s International Recognition is Imminent in the Music Industry

The 2016 Music awards show was another blockbuster. Performances by Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Drake made the award ceremony another star-filled event that had everyone talking the next day. Making the big time in the music industry isn’t easy. There are a lot of ingredients in a successful career in music. The truth is, most artists don’t have the staying power of a Gloria Estefan or an Aretha Franklin. A career in music is measured in months not years. Very few artists are around five years after they record their first hit record. But every now and then, an artist comes along a breaks the mold and becomes a legend. One of the new artists that is legend bound is Venezuelan-born Norka Luque.

When the word “new” is put in front of the name of an artist, it doesn’t mean they just started singing or performing. Norka Luque has been performing for more than 20 years. She performed in her first musical when she was still living in Venezuela at the age of eight. Norka’s parents recognized her talent. They moved to the United States and settled in Florida, so Norka could develop her singing and performing skills. She wanted to be a star like her idol, Shakira. When it was time for college, Norka moved to France and studied business and the culinary arts. She got a job as the lead singer in a group called Bad Moon Rising. The group played in the small French dance clubs, and the group created a loyal following. It was Norka’s voice that attracted the attention of the young French dancers.

In 2007, Norka attended a Ricky Martin concert. She had an epiphany during that event. She realized she had to move back to Florida and sing full time. She earned a business degree and a degree in fashion, but her heart was always in music. Norka got a job in Miami when she returned to the United States, and that’s when her career really got started.

Norka’s voice attracted a lot of attention. Her range attracted so much attention that the Grammy award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan wanted to hear her sing. It only took one audition for Estefan to offer Norka a recording contract. Her first single dropped in 2011, and it was a hit on the Latin Billboard Charts. Her second single was another hit, and it crossover into the mainstream music scene. Norka’s latest single dropped in 2016, and the reviews and response have been great. Norka Luque is one of those artists that will be around for a very long time.

Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference

John Holt, the president and chief executive officer of NexBank Capital, Inc., was among the panelists at the recently concluded Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference. The event was organized at the New Orleans, Louisiana on November 7th, 2016.

The annual bankers’ conference provides a forum for bank leaders, consultants, and advisors to share critical perspectives on the strategic opportunities and challenges facing the banking sector in the community. Panelists and participants analyze the strategic opportunities through organic growth and branching, as well as the M&A activity. For the 5th year running, the conference has attracted participation from the top industry leaders across Texas.

About NexBank Capital, Inc:
NexBank is a financial services firm operating through three core businesses, namely Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Investment Banking. Nexbank offers customized banking and financial services to key financial institutions and corporations as well as individual banking services across the nation.

With over $3.5 billion in assets, NexBank has the financial strength to deliver banking solutions to large corporations, institutional clients, middle-market companies, and real estate investors.

Solid Industry Leadership

The bank has demonstrated strong industry leadership and commitment to customers. This enables them to offer unique value in the dynamic financial sector. NexBank is known for its prowess in modeling sophisticated and tailor-made banking solutions through a team of experienced professionals. Under the leadership of John Holt, the firm has innovated high-performance solutions that meet individual clients needs.

Mike Baur Accomplishments in the Finance Industry

Mike Baur is a popular entrepreneur and philanthropist who is currently based in Switzerland. He is respected because of his accomplishments in the banking and finance industry. Mr. Baur was born in Switzerland, in Fribourg region. He loves his home area, and he has maintained a close connection over the years.

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Mike decided to join the banking and finance industry when he was a teenager. He always had a passion for the subject, and he decided to pursue it. Up to date, working in the industry brings him the satisfaction he needs.


After completing his studies, Mike was employed in several institutions. One of the places he worked was the Swiss Private Banking. He worked for this institution for more than twenty years. Due to his commitment and hard work, he managed to become one of the executive members of the board. His contributions in the company are recognized up to date.


Mike Baur decided to start his own financial institution in the year 2014, after being employed for so many years. According to him, these years had given him the expertise and knowledge he needed to start his own firm. To make his dream come true, Mike partnered with two individuals to start the company, known as Swiss Start-Up Factory. The three partners have worked hard to make their institution one of the top private and independent accelerator companies in the country.


Swiss Start -Up Factory was founded in 2014, and since then, the company has been based in Zurich. The institution wants to ensure that the modern digital entrepreneurs are given the best opportunities. The company has developed some strong networks in Switzerland and in many other parts of the globe since it was formed. It uses these networks to get different opportunities for the interested entrepreneurs.


Swiss Start-Up Factory is believed to run a special start-up program that takes three months. The three month duration is used to couch and mentor the businessmen. These entrepreneurs are provided with an office space at prime locations in Zurich area. They are also offered good business networks so that they can do well in their business.


Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Mike Baur is also involved in philanthropic activities. He offers his free time to the Swiss Youth Entrepreneurship. He mentors the youth in the organization and also gives them the financial support they need. He also supports many other start-up companies in the country.




José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe, On Content Creation And Inbound Marketing

José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, discusses what it means to excel at inbound marketing verus content marketing. The strategy of inbound marketing is to deliver content which will solve an existing problem or in some way meet your clients’ need. Content Marketing on Facebook, on the other hand, is the actual production of such relevant content. As such, the two work together at both building a brand and a following.

It has often been said that, ‘advertising the soul of business’, but this is being replaced with a new adage: ‘content is the soul of business’. More and more companies are becoming adept at both producing content and at leveraging it via inbound marketing. According to Borghi, it is important to offer useful resources to your customers that will establish you as a trusted brand and that also will establish you as an authority in your given field. The end goal is that the consumer will make a purchase from the company.

The downside to the current rush to produce content and inbound marketing strategies, according to Borghi, is that many companies will not devote sufficient resources to the endeavor. He says that it is not enough to produce interesting or, even helpful, material, but that the strategy must go further still. A company must not produce novelties that will quickly attract consumers to their brand but that go no deeper. They must do additional research.

Boghi says that it is necessary for firms to dig in and to find out who their buyers are, what makes them tick, and what their goals look like. They need to develop a plan, use SEO, and offer something truly useful. Companies need to consider to whom it is they are writing and not simply offer customer testimonials at the outset according to Jose Borghi. The reference materials they offer need to help the customer in doing research for what he or she is planning to buy. Moreover, he says that it is necessary to have an online presence and to interact with buyers via social media. He adds that patience and preparation are key.

Mullen Lowe is an ad agency specializing in both communication and in advertising. They have valuable experience and have had success with the processes mentioned in this article. The Brazilian advertising firm assists other companies with the creation of digital customer experiences which will enhance their reputation among buyers. They employ over 600 employees and operate in a total of 15 offices.

What You Need To Know About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well- known finance executive, and his contributions in the industry are well recognized. At the moment, Bonar is the president of Trucept, an incorporated institution in the United States.

Mr. Bonar has served as a leader in several companies in the country, and this has provided him with extensive knowledge in the business leadership world. He was one time the leader in finance for Dalrada Financial Corporation. This explains why he is able to succeed so much in the finance industry.

Apart from being very knowledgeable in finance matters, Bonar is very good in technology. In the modern times, technology is everything. Most of the activities in many institutions depend on technology, and without the right knowledge, it is impossible to prosper without this. Bonar has a lot of experience in technological issues, and this has earned him a lot of respect. This means that he has enough knowledge when it comes to building business structures that work well for the companies. Most of the companies under his management perform quite well, and this is attributed to the amount of expertise he has.

Brian Bonar is well qualified in educational matters. He has a degree in technological engineering which he acquired from one of the best universities in the country. He went to the James Watt Technological College, and this has given him the potential to start his successful career.

After completing his first degree, Bonar went to further his education in the Stafford University. In this institution, Brian Bonar managed to get his master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He did well in this part too, and his qualifications have played a major role in getting him his current success.

In the year 1995, Brian Bonar served as the director at the Dalrada Finance Corporation. He worked hard in the company, and in December 1999, he was appointed to become the chairperson of the company. He also managed to be successful, bringing the company a lot of progress.

From the year 1992 to April 1994, Brian Bonar was working in the finance industry too. He was the person in charge of Technology Sales. His contributions to the company are recognized up to date. After working for the company for some time, he was appointed to become the vice president of the institution in the sales and marketing department. In the same year, he was appointed to the position of executive vice president. Several years later, in the year 1998, Brian Bonar becomes the CEO of the company.

Brian Bonar has received a lot of awards while working in the finance industry over the years. In the year 2000, Brian received an award for Who is Who in America.

Handy Has Become Popular In Different Parts Of The World

Although Handy has become extremely popular in the USA and is in dozens of cities, they also have availability in Canada as well as in London, which is not something that any other cleaning company can say. The cleaning venture opened years ago and has soared to the height of popularity by becoming the number one go-to online home cleaning service with other services available. When many people think about Handy, they always think about their cleaning services, even though they have a lot more to offer.

The cleaning services are so popular that they make up over 80% of the revenue that the company brings in, and the company is seeing seven figures or more in income every week. Handy has now become the Uber of the cleaning world because they are available in different countries online, and their services are very desirable and reasonably priced as well. The way that Handy works is to hire independent contractors to work underneath the name Handy, which means every worker is in charge of their own income and can easily determine how much they make on a weekly basis. Those that choose to work five days a week can easily make up to $500 or more weekly.

Although cleaning seems like an easy job, Handy isn’t quick to hire just anybody to do their services. Since the cleaning services from Handy is the most important and their main source of revenue, they want only the best people that can do the job. The job is meant for those who have had experience in cleaning before, whether they have worked for a company or have other experience that makes them qualified. Professionalism is what Handy values, and those that can prove that they can work well for Handy will go a long way with the company.

Handy is available online, which as explained on means that those who want the services that they offer must sign up for an account online and must also make payment online as well as completing their service request online. Many find it a lot more convenient to get the services they need online because it means they can do it anywhere, even if they are away from home. Along with the cleaning services that Handy offers, they are also proud to offer painting services, plumbing, moving services, assembly services and more, and each service is available on the Handy website.

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