What’s Next For Luiz Carlos Trabuco And Bradesco Bank?

Last year the resignation of Bradesco Bank’s chairman of the board of directors, Lazaro Brandao signaled a great transition of company leadership. To fill this vacancy, company president Luiz Carlos Trabuco would be leaving his position to become the new chairman. He would have been required to leave by the end of next year anyway. Company policy stipulates that its CEOs can’t be over the age of 65. Under these guidelines he would have already had to leave, but in 2016 the board voted to give him to extra years for two reasons: 1) He was still in the process of brokering a monumental integration with HSBC and 2) the man in line to be his successor, Marco Antonio Rossi, was killed that year in a plane crash.

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So filling his newly vacated position at the end of last year was under consideration for several months. On March 13 of this year, the Ordinary General Assembly of Bradesco Bank convened to select the successor of its current president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Under consideration were the organizations seven vice presidents. Many had predicted that vice president Ma Minas would receive the nod. In the end, vice president Octavio de Lazari was chosen for the spot.

Trabuco first entered the employee of Bradesco April 17, 1969. He was made Department Director in 1984, serving in this capacity until 1992. In 1994 he became the president of the National Association for Private Pensions Plans. In 1999 he was made one of the organization’s vice presidents. In 2000 he ceased being president of the ANAPP. In 2003, he was made the president of the Bradesco Seguros Group. Trabuco first became Bradesco’s CEO and Executive Vice President in 2009. It was also during this year that he became Non-Executive Director of Banco Espirito, a role which he held until May 2010.

During his younger years, Trabuco graduated from USP’s School of Sociology and Politics.

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